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Caprisho Productions is an experienced radio, television and press production, marketing and advertising company focused on the Hispanic market within and outside of the United States.

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Caprisho Productions
Caprisho Productions Inc.

We provide New ideas and Strategies for agencies, companies and independent stations inside United States and out of the Country.

Caprisho Productions
Caprisho Productions Inc.

Specialists in Content

We are specialized in marketing strategies,media counseling, programming, content, and production. We analyze quality and provide new ideas and strategies for private clients, numerous agencies, and stations.

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Caprisho Productions Inc.

Professionalism & Focus

Caprisho Productions tries to maintain and reflect quality and professionalism in each project in which it engages, ensuring the established reputation based on respect and credibility.

Our priority is to focus on creating and developing a product of incomparable excellence.

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Caprisho Productions
Caprisho Productions
Caprisho Productions Inc.

Business Experience

After decades in the industry, Caprisho has emerged as one of the most prestigious production companies in South Florida.

Today, numerous clients attribute our success and growth in the media, to our creativity and the professional services we provide.

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Caprisho Productions
Caprisho Productions Inc.

Some of our Important Services

Strategy Consultants & Advisory

Helping organizations to improve their performance. Providing strategic advice to help achieve optimal and sustainable results.

Media Plan & Advisory

Helping or creating the process of strategizing and purchasing ad placements by determining the best combination of media to achieve marketing campaign goals.

General Productions

In a world overwhelmed by content, video has the unique ability to draw attention and help viewers digest information. We provide professional video production and editing services.


We’re constantly tracking the top talent in every market, so we can bring the right people for your business goals.


Voice-over (also known as off-camera or off-stage commentary) We help companies and agencies, sourcing, scheduling and working with voice actors

Radio Interviews

Our radio interview service gets you booked, scheduled and prepared to make an impact on your target audience.
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Caprisho Productions
Caprisho Productions Inc.

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Trusted by many clients
Caprisho Productions
Maintaining credibility and quality in a fast and insecure environment is not easy. You have trusted our talent and together we have been able to create, grow and achieve. Thanks for everything!

Testimonials from our
Happy Customers

More Testimonials
Mercedes Alvarez
Dianetics and Scientology Family Counseling
Life Improvement Institute
"I have worked with Caprisho Productions for several years, since 2003 on various media projects. We did TV pilots and radio shows with Maricel and she has always taken care of every detail of the production making it efficient and very professional. Most of all she takes care of the clients’s concerns and budget. We have developed a friendship from this business and there will more years to come."
Cristy Martinez-Paez
South Florida Communications Director
American Heart Association
"Dear Maricel, our community is a healthier place to live in thanks to the good work that you all do on the public affairs radio shows. Thank you for allowing non-profits such as the American Heart Association to raise awareness about the health issues that affect us all through your radio station. We are grateful for this opportunity."
Tony Dabellany
International Media
"I have been working at CASA as Events and Communication Director for many years. Maricel Hernandez has been a great help to our organization. Her delivery, shows and productions  are great.  Clients actually mentioned that they heard about us through the radio shows  which is an accomplishment of the department that I manage. Thanks Maricel for all your help.  It’s a pleasure for us working with such a excellent professional like you. We wish you the best."